Los Cabos

The Highest Standards of Safety: #LOSCABOSWITHCARE

Ask anyone that has been to Los Cabos, and they will tell you to expect the highest levels of service and comfort. Los Cabos prides itself on putting its guests first, and that’s why it’s no surprise that the destination has turned its attention to implementing and maintaining impeccable safety measures. Ensuring the health and wellbeing of visitors remains at the forefront. 

Now, visitors will be greeted with a new campaign, #LosCabosWithCare, which reflects the destination’s focus on implementing the highest health and safety standards. Through its new certification with Intertek Protek’s Cristal International Standards, Los Cabos will ensure continual enhancement of health and safety standards in the destination. From health screenings at the airport to sanitization and strict social distancing measures at hotels and restaurants, no detail will be too small to ensure the health and safety of travelers.

Intertek’s new audit protocol will reinforce the attention to safety and cleanliness that has already helped Los Cabos earn a Clean Point (Punto Limpio) certification from the Mexican government. Through certification with Intertek, Los Cabos will ensure all partners in the destination – from hospitality to transportation – have the tools needed to assure visitors that their health and safety is a top priority, all while maintaining the service and comfort that visitors have come to expect from Los Cabos.

Recognizing that health, safety and cleanliness are more important than ever, these added destination-wide guidelines will remind visitors that Los Cabos offers a Safer Way to Get Away.