Star Wars-esque Places (with Photos)

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Today is Star Wars Day (“May the 4th be with you”). As such, we’ve compiled some photos of a few Star Wars-esque locations for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Death Valley (Tattoine)

Aside from the asphalt roads, Death Valley is practically Tattoine itself. It is no surprise, then, that many scenes in the movies were shot here.

Finse, Norway (Hoth)

The foreground of this photo may not look it, but Finse is where much of The Empire Strikes Back was shot. I can certainly imagine an AT-AT walking in the distance.

Redwood National Park (Endor)

There really ought to be treehouses and suspended wooden bridges between all these trees. The ewoks do need a home, after all.

Guilin, China (Kashyyyk)

The home planet of Chewbacca and his species (wookiee) is Kashyyyk. Guilin is apparently where scenes on the planet were shot, but I suppose all the massive trees in the movies were added in post-production. The place is otherworldly regardless.

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