Mystery Beach: Guess It!

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The following photos are all from the same small beach. See if you can guess it! If you can only guess the coast, I congratulate you. It’s a hard game.

Here we see a dock extending out into the ocean. The waves are small and the beach mostly flat. We’re not sure how much can be determined from this alone.

This long-nose critter and some sea gulls were hanging out looking for tad bits of food in the small wash. Maybe this species is local? Or maybe it isn’t. We don’t think it is, actually, so you can simply enjoy that photo for its own sake.

The above photo, however is significantly more useful than the long-beak birdy. We have a limestone/sandstone cliffs with dry foliage on top, and we see a white-stained rock jutting out of the water’s depths. In the great distance, we can see another beach as well. It looks like there are some pretty huge dune sections over there…

So… did you get it?


  • At first glance of the first picture, thought it was the pier at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL; wrong when I saw another pier in the distance. Of course, the cliffs of the third picture ruled out FL. 🙂 I’m guessing somewhere near San Luis Obispo, CA… ?

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