Even More Photos from Laguna Lake Park


My favorite park in San Luis Obispo proper is as expansive and beautiful as city parks come, especially in a city so small as this. Here are a few photos from my days there.

Trees frame the above photo in opposite corners. The daily marine shelf of morning fog is as dense as ever, and these grassy hills give it a bone-chilling aura of mystery. I’d have walked up if I wasn’t so busy at the time.

At the edge of the lake, next to a little asphalt path, I came across this Jurassic sight. The eucalyptus tower and twist over everything as the surrounding foliage continues to grow in their shadow.

The clouds here are not a marine layer of fog but are instead the symptoms of a regular cloudy day here in SLO (rare though that may be). I’ve never once seen a car travel this “road”, if you can call it that. If everything was just a bit less grey, it might look like something out of The Hobbit.

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