The Cloudiest Travel Destination Cities on Earth

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Many people travel for the sunshine: think Florida, the Caribbean, the Southwest, etc. But what about those of us who prefer their days dark and damp? The following cities (from the top 10 cloudiest cities in the world) might suit some better than others.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland could already be expected to be cloudy, considering the region’s general maritime weather patterns. But its location between the coast and the hills makes this city the perfect resting place for lots of seaborne fog, lots of the time. It also makes it rather windy once you get away from the buildings.

Lima, Peru

This capital and largest city in Peru sits on the country’s central coast. The city’s location and relative humidity make it victim to very frequent fog indeed. If you do get tired of the drab, though, it’s not too difficult to ascend one of the countless surrounding mountains to get above it all.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei just gets killed by monsoons every year from June to October. The rest of the time, however, there’s actually even less sunshine: 3 or so hours a day, on average. But at night, it’s like seeing an entirely new world: the light of the city reflects off the clouds and everything comes into focus and color.

Anyway. For whatever reason, some of us really do love those colder, cloudier days. Maybe it’s because the plants look better. Maybe we’re afraid of sunburn. Or maybe we just don’t like wearing sunglasses. Whatever your unusual need, Edinburgh, Lima, or Taipei might just satisfy it.

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