A Night at a Tahoe Casino

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One night in South Lake Tahoe, some friends and I decided to cross from California into Nevada to place some sports bets. We arrived at Harrah’s Casino (pictured above) after a 5-10 minute drive. From there the place looked more like a haunted hotel than anything else.

I noticed that Montbleu, another casino, was right next door. Tring to take advantage of their proximity to the California side, I imagine.

When we finally entered, I was hit with the not-so-faint smell of old tobacco, presumably due to years worth of cigarette smoke embedding itself in the patterned burgundy carpets. There was a surprising amount of people for a pandemic-era weekday night, but it actually ended up feeling just right.

For some reason, there was a Hell’s Kitchen there, about halfway through. The whole place was like a low-ceilinged mall for adults, going on and on with tables and tacky light-up signs and screens and slots, with bars constantly placed along the sides. My eyes eventually started to dry up and hurt, though, so I ended up leaving early.

By the way: my friend made $2.5k on his sports bets.

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