A Few Photos in Central (Coastal) California

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I’ve been in San Luis Obispo for almost a month now, and at this point I’ve got more than a few cool photos (despite never going out of my way to get them). Here are a couple.

This was the view from the front seat of my car just two days ago at Laguna Lake Park. The sun and clouds fused together for the most perfect lighting I’ve seen in a while.
When I first saw this dog I thought it was a small bear. The walk, the shape, the demeanor–everything was like a damn nature documentary. Of course the fur and face are a bit different, but I hardly noticed at the time.
A friend of mine pointed this crane out to me from Meadow Park. The hill was way in the distance, but, sure enough, a crane sat perched there for no apparent reason. I hoped it would move, or do something, but all it did was sit stagnant. Makes for a sorta heroic sight, though. Above the hilltop! CRANE VERSUS TOWER!!! The tower does seem to be looking down quite menacingly.
This is someone’s actual license plate. Nothing more needs to be said.

So there you have it: even during the endless pandemic, there are quite a few sights to behold here in central coastal California.

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