A Trip to Avila Beach: It Looks Better in Person

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A good friend and I were both looking to spend an afternoon somewhere different, and Avila Beach was the closest good spot we could think of. Our decision was largely informed by the belief that we could buy an açai bowl and a smoothie at a certain place right by the ocean. Unfortunately, that place was no longer the sparkling wonder it used to be, but instead now sells overpriced sherbet underground in the back of a souvenir shop (I’m not joking).

And so, we decided to stave off our hunger with some Beanfield’s chips which, luckily, were in the car. The beach itself, as you might expect, was beautiful.

This is the view from our parking spot. It’s a lot better in person than in this half-hearted attempt at a photograph.

This shot does it a bit more service.

And here’s another.

I regret not taking more photos, seeing as we did a lot more than just stand next to my car. But I’m sure you can imagine walking with your toes dipped at the water’s edge, or playing basketball on a nice beachside court. The water was nice, and the people interesting and varied. I’ll definitely go again–maybe to climb some rocks.

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