A Day at Montaña de Oro State Park

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As soon as I pulled into a sandy gravel parking lot, this deer greeted me. It didn’t seem to mind the car itself, but when I moved inside it, the creature freaked out and trotted for the dunes.

As you drive along the winding road through MDO (as most people seem to abbreviate “Montaña de Oro”), most of the views on your right are along the lines of this shot. Of course, there are huge green mountains on your other side the whole time as well.

There’s Hazard Peak, for instance, all the way at the far end.

When the views aren’t so expansive, you’re surrounded by a forest of massive and slender trees. I actually tend to prefer this view, seeing as both my eyes and skin are uncommonly sensitive. It’s where I belong.

My resting place for most of the day was right here above Spooner’s Cove. The sea breeze was just right in making the temperature about 15 degrees cooler than inland. There’s a wonderful isolated beach just around that closer cliff corner, by the way. Just make sure the tide is low if you go the more difficult route.

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