The Sights of Saba

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Of the many Caribbean islands that are relatively COVID-free, Saba is one of the most interesting. Measuring in at a measly 5 square miles, this small piece of land is the Netherlands’ smallest special municipality–and it also contains Mount Scenery, the country’s highest peak.

Photo by Richie Diesterheft on Flickr

The potentially active volcano is nearly 3000 feet in height, and there is a semi-difficult trail to the top. Just imagine looking out in all directions from such a height; it’s got to feel a bit like flying.

There are rocky expanses along the shores at Flat Point, many of which have tide pools swarming with little semi-oceanic life. You could climb along the coast for hours and continue to encounter new sights.

And who could forget the diving? Saba National Marine Park is as well-maintained a diving area as any, with underwater hot springs, walls, gardens and all sorts of moving life (sea turtles included). The park and reefs within actually encircle the entire island, out to 200 feet in depth.

But on to the real question: why would the Netherlands name an island after a rapper from Chicago?

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