Lake Tahoe’s Shore after Sunfall

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Usually I wouldn’t go to a windy, freezing, and sandy beach after dark. But a few friends decided to do just that, and I decided to follow. A few long-exposure photos managed to make the trip worthwhile.

This is the path out of the pines and onto the sand. Believe it or not, that source of light is the moon, yellow in its proximity to the horizon. The wind grew increasingly difficult to endure as we walked further and further out past the shelter of the trees. Eventually both my ears felt like water had been poured into them.

Still: it’s surreal to stand on a sandy beach and see a ski resort just past the shoreline. The conflict in environments is like two puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit.

And, of course, the view across the lake was nothing short of terrifying. The wind-whipped water is verifiably freezing, and the solace on the far side consists of naught but unforgiving forest and mountain.

If not for the cold winds, I would certainly have stayed longer. The blurriness of the above photo is a strong testament to my hurry in getting back to the shelter of the car. The warmth of home calls!

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