A Sunny Snow Day in Yosemite

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This late February of 2021, I saw snow for the first time! Unlike snow in more northern areas or on the East Coast, California’s Yosemite National Park provided a gentler introduction to the white and freezing fluff. I was able to explore the half-covered forests in only a humble hoodie and leggings. The bus ride into the park provided some of my favorite sights of the trip: vast open stretches of pure white, soft snow.

(Yosemite bus ride video.)

The first day there, my friends and I set off for Mirror Lake. Because I was in a reflective mood, however, and because their steps were painfully slow, I ended up in the lead before long. Soon enough I was alone, a ways ahead. I took in the unfamiliar wilderness in front of me and felt immense tranquility. Somewhere along the trail to Mirror Lake, I was met with a fork in the road. I could take a sharp right, cross a dirt path and continue on the road; or I could take a deep breath and go left around large boulders and along an invisible trail towards the inner forest. I took a leap of faith and chose to find my way through the forest. Why not get the most out of Yosemite, right? And I’m so glad I did! Fortunately, a trail eventually reappeared to guide me through snowy fields, up glassy stairs, and around large boulders along the way to Mirror Lake. This path ended up being one of my favorites (second only to the path to Nevada Falls). It felt as if I had ventured through C.S. Lewis’ Narnia.

The faces of lakes were beautiful in a witchy, mischievous way. See for yourself the cold green that reflects off of them and decide if you agree:

Video of a witchy lake.

And of course I did not miss Horsetail Falls. Here’s a short cinematic clip I took on the bus ride out of the park: Video of Horsetail Falls.


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