The Teahouses of Taiwan

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Everyone has heard of Taipei and Taipei 101, or of the beautiful golden or black sand beaches of Taiwan’s shores. Less well known are the peaceful teahouses, in which to sip and contemplate life as you gaze out upon their often-breathtaking views. Here are a few teahouse-related destinations that are well worth visiting.


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You might recognize Jiufen immediately without quite knowing where from. After some deep tea-induced contemplation, however, you might begin to realize that its architecture was the inspiration for the setting of the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away. There are countless teahouses in this tight-winding environment.

P.S. Although Taiwan is in fact a Level 1: COVID-19 Low travel destination, the proximity of people in that photo is certainly still making me uneasy. Consider going on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Maokong Gondola

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This gondola whisks you up and away from the rest of Taipei at the measly price of $4. The ride goes over several tea plantations and ends 4 km beyond where it started. At the top, there are many pleasant paths to walk and many teahouses to attend for some fresh mountain tea.

Jwu Jiu Teahouse

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Far south, in Chiayi, lies an ancient wooden teahouse with a rich history, proudly displayed by the local owners’ 100-year-old well and similarly aged Osmanthus tree. Hundreds of koi fish swim in gigantic stone ponds below, while you sip to your heart’s delight.

Nearby (and pictured above) is Alishan National Scenic Area, a similarly peaceful place in which to breathe.

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