A Calm Day on the Mountain

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I woke up craving to ride a snowboard this past Monday, and Sierra-at-Tahoe answered. I was alone on the drive and at the resort, so I had a fairly meditative experience. The personal finance podcast I listened to (Listen Money Matters) gave me insight with minimal annoyance, and the jumps and rails I hit felt better and more comfortable than ever. Here are a few photos from the day’s solitary journey.

This lift can hardly fit one person comfortably, let alone two, so the above sight felt uncommonly romantic.
This is a little ways down Eastabout, a black diamond run at the edge of the resort. Some of those “moguls” are as tall as a human being and function as cliff drops if you go off them to flat.
At one point I decided to ride down the backside of the mountain just to get a look at the new terrain park. I only had enough guts to hit one feature, and this humongous kicker was not it. But I did happen to see a man on skis do a double cork off it. (That’s basically a bunch of spins with two incidental backflips.) Maybe one day I’ll air it.

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