Palau’s Rock Islands

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Palau is a fairly massive island chain stretching over 400 miles in length, full to the brim with dive sites and natural beauties (and more than a few WWII battle relics, underwater and elsewhere). Perhaps chief among these are the Rock Islands: a group of 250-300 limestone or coral uprises over an area of 42 square kilometers.

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This lagoon, now a Unesco World Heritage Site, is ripe for snorkeling and kayaking. Pictured above are the Seventy Islands, a tightly knit subsection of the larger group. The rises are surprising tall, by the way, with a maximum height of 679 ft.

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But if you come here, you mostly come for the diving: the famous Jellyfish Lake, for instance, holds several non-stinging jellyfish species who only survive in Palau. The diving variety is unmatched, with wall dives, fast drift dives, manta rays, decorated caves, and more.

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