Puppy’s First Trip to the Beach


Big Boi (full name: Sequoia) hardly ever leaves the house, except on his daily extended walks around the neighborhood. Yesterday evening was a wonderful exception.

He ran around in the sand, exploring every nook and cranny and bounding about to his heart’s content. I don’t think he’s discovered the concept of digging yet.
Sadly, the dog he met didn’t seem to enjoy playing nearly as much. Given that she’s roughly 18 times his age, this wasn’t so surprising.
He ran straight into the water and came out shocked. I’m not sure he even knew what it was, let alone how cold it was, before going in. The ducks managed to get away this time.

I wonder what it must be like to be him: to feel so many foreign sensations and see so many foreign sights all at once. Now just imagine what he could smell.

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