A Few Things to Actually Do in the Amazon

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Everyone knows just how absurdly huge and environmentally important the Amazon Basin is in providing oxygen for the planet. But what can you actually do (and see) there?

Meeting of Waters

Photo from Graylinebrazil.com

For one, you can see the meeting of the sand-and-silt-y Solimões River and the dark Rio Negro. They converge next to the small city Manaus over the course of a few miles, combining to form the Amazon River itself. This is considered one of the great natural phenomena of the river.

Explore Various Landscapes

By Paolo Costa Baldi – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15933002

The Amazon Basin does not only consist of land-based rainforest, but transforms into floodplains, swamps, and even savannah. If hikes in the rainforest itself (somehow) bore you, there are a number of alternate landscapes to be found. And there are tours out there for each of them.

Meet the Locals

Photo by Berend Leupen on Unsplash

While some tribes in the Amazon have yet to make contact with the outside world, others have met many of us. Locals guide tours of their remote villages and homes, or paint your face traditionally; and of course, there are always hand-crafted souvenirs to be bought.

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