4 Coolest Ocean Animals to Encounter while Diving (or Snorkeling)

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Anyone who’s gone diving or snorkeling is likely to tell you that the fish are the best part. Sure, the coral is beautiful, and who doesn’t love anemone after seeing Finding Nemo? But the creatures that move entice us all the more. Here are some of the coolest ones.

Whale Shark

No need to worry: whale sharks are harmless to large animals like us. But they are the biggest fish in the sea, coming in at 18 to 33 feet in length. They can be found anywhere in the world, but tend to show up in numbers on the eastern coast of Mexico from June to September.


Octopuses are slightly scary, but a certain delight when you spot one (unless you’re a foot away; then you might inaudibly scream). They’re more active at night, so you might want to bring some fluorescent gear.

Manta Ray

There are two species of these massive fish, and both have wingspans of around 20 feet. Unfortunately, they are hunted for their gill rakers, and are growing increasingly sparse in the wild.

Grey Reef Shark

“Ahhh! Not sharks!” you might be thinking. Believe it or not, these guys are pretty harmless to humans at their size, and shark attacks happen more rarely than vending machine deaths. I’d certainly get chills down my spine if I saw a few; but I would remember the experience forever.

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