Utah’s Mighty Five: Road Trip Checklist

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Road Trips are certainly “in” right now. And what better way to escape during the pandemic than in a vehicle? Fortunately, you can’t get much more socially distanced than being in an RV in the empty, fiery landscape of the Southwest. Here are Utah’s Mighty Five (or Big Five, as they’ve been called) that simply require that you see them for yourself.

Arches National Park

The rock formations of Arches National Park really do bend the mind. Arches, towers, hoodoos, and balanced rocks have been formed here by thousands upon thousands of years of wind and weather. Life looks as if Salvador Dalí and Picasso joined to paint it.

Bryce Canyon National Park

In Bryce Canyon you get your fix of both alpine forest and red rock formations as they combine to create the feeling of some fantastical land. Apparently mule deer graze the plateau on the road up as well.

Capitol Reef National Park

Unlike the escapist fantasy of Bryce, Capitol Reef brings the feeling of a more ancient and uncivilized earth. The landscape goes on seemingly forever, with not a soul in sight.

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park feels like several parks in one. There are remote stretches in which to isolate oneself, but elsewhere there are breathtaking moderate hikes as well. The Needles district, for one, has little towers that look somehow like Easter Island sculptures.

Zion National Park

And who could forget Zion? This park is likely the favorite of anyone prone to sunburn. The towering red walls and green trees provide more shade than skyscrapers, and the shallow creeks are crystal clear and cool.

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