Top 5 Microcation Destinations

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A microcation, if you’re wondering, is just what it sounds like: a less distant, shorter vacation. Instead of going to Europe for two weeks, why not go to Montreal for 3 days? You save money and vacation days, and you do exactly what you really want to do. It would be best to wait until you’re vaccinated, though.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

See some 16th-century Spanish fortresses and colonial buildings during the day, and hit the clubs and casinos at night. And don’t forget the beach!

Dublin, Ireland

Now, this might seem a little difficult: how can you go all the way to Europe for a 4 day weekend? You might surprised. It’s only 8 hours to Dublin, and flights aren’t too pricey. Have fun dancing along those cobblestone streets into the pubs!


Here lies the cultural center of French Canada. Hit the underground city, the botanical garden, and the Olympic Tower for good measure. Good luck with your French.

Isla Mujeres

This thin 7-mile-long island is the perfect place for a microcation. There are rocky shores, white-sand beaches, vibrant homes, friendly dogs, sculptures, and a downtown area to enjoy your nights.

Turks and Caicos

This lionfish is a tiny taste of the massive barrier reef along the white-sand beaches of the Turks and Caicos islands. This tiny country is the perfect place for beach, reef, repeat. Most people would only want to do that for a few days, anyway.

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