The Most Remote Travel Destinations

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During Covid-19’s reign, we’ve all got to stay away from other people. So why not go as far as possible? Here are some of the most remote and appealing travel destinations, if you can survive the airport.

The Republic of Naura

Winston Chen / Unsplash

Situated in the southwest Pacific over a thousand miles from Australia sits the least visited country in the world: The Republic of Nauru. The island’s population is only 10,000, and its surface area a mere 8 square miles. But its beaches do seem nice.

Deception Island, Antarctica

Lukas Bachofner / Unsplash

This island off the Antarctic Peninsula got its name when a plane crashed into it. The entire island is a massive caldera, and its hollowed-out nature fooled the pilot. Here you can see seals and penguins, take a dip in the hot springs at Pendulum Cove, and look at the remains of whalers’ communities from the early 20th century at the latest.

Tristan da Cunha

Drumcliff / Pixabay

This island is so rocky that it’s practically impossible to have an airstrip here. After a massive volcanic eruption in 1961, most of its inhabitants journeyed to their home country of England. Now approximately 270 people live there. It can only be reached by a 6-day boat ride from Cape Town, South Africa, so you might need a bit more vacation time than usual.

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