Gen Z’s Top 5 European Destinations, According to the ETC

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The European Travel Commission (ETC) conducted a study published July 2020 on Gen Z’s travel preferences and behavior. The study took data from Gen Zers in 4 markets: China, the U.S., the U.K., and Germany. There is much other interesting data to be found there, of course, but here we’ll focus on places the young generation would like to travel to.

  1. France

38% of those polled would like to travel to France. It is quite a romantic place, after all, with beautiful countryside along the Seine, and cities as artsy as can be.

2. Italy

Coming in at a close second, a trip to Italy is the wish of 35% of Gen Z. Anyone who’s seen the film “Call Me by Your Name”, taking place in northern Italy, can easily see why. The countryside is breathtaking and the cities are of greatest historical importance. And who could forget the food! Or the sea!

3. Spain

Spain comes in 3rd, at 28%. Seville, Madrid, Barcelona! Who wouldn’t want to see even their soccer teams, let alone the magnificent cities themselves?

4. Greece

24% of these Gen Zers would like to travel to Greece. The Parthenon and countless other ancient sites await; as do Mykonos and myriad other islands in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

5. Germany

Germany comes just below Greece, with 23% willing to travel there. It would certainly be interesting to feel the cultural difference on each far side of the Berlin wall. Many philosophers originate here, too, so perhaps the younger folks infatuated with Nietzsche would love to see where he and other great (or crazy) figures lived. And of course, there are the pretzels.

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