Liverpool: the Birthplace of my Grandmother

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I can’t even mention Liverpool without the Beatles immediately popping into everyone’s head. So here’s a monument to them in a nicer section of the city. My grandma ended up leaving for the U.S. with the love of her life just a few years before the band formed, for better or worse. But she definitely still loves to sing “Yesterday” and John Lennon’s “Imagine” whenever I play them with her.
I’m not going to lie to you: I don’t even know what either of these prominent buildings is. Is one of them the Liver Building? The Bluecoat? The Cunard Building? There’s countless old buildings and museums in the city to be checked out if you’re willing, I suppose. I wonder which one Grandma remembers best.
I doubt, however, that my mother’s mother has much of a memory for Anfield. That’s the name of Liverpool F.C.’s stadium, as I’ve recently discovered. This best team in Britain (and sometimes the world) just won another game yesterday, if I recall correctly. Sports is now a huge part of Liverpool culture; I’d love to go to a pub and watch a game, even if I don’t know any player’s names. Certainly, my five-year-old grandmother would have preferred the roar of the crowd rather than the buzz of bombers creeping and sirens screeching in the depths of WWII.

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