Jamaica passes my health and safety test with flying colors

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I recently went to Jamaica on a FAM, while being hosted by the Jamaica Tourism Board, Couples Resorts and Playa Hotels & Resorts. Over a 6 day span we toured 16 properties and stayed at 2 different locations and properties. In Negril, we stayed at Couples Swept Away and in Montego Bay we stayed at Hyatt Ziva and Zilara.

It was a great experience to be able to personally see and feel the protocols, along with being able to assure our clients that Jamaica is open and is very safe to travel to. Jamaica does require a negative Covid test to be done with-in 10 days of arrival, and a travel authorization to be completed no more than 5 days before arrival. I was happy to take all the precautions to protect their tourism industry and the people who work in it.

From the moment I landed at Montego Bay, I was impressed by the health and safety. Hand sanitizing, bag washing, mask wearing and temperature checks were consistent and smooth.  Their approach to health and safety was flawless. My driver walked me to my car, where he sanitized my bag, sprayed my shoes, sanitized my hands again and took my temperature.

During my whole stay, whether at the home base properties or while touring the other properties, we were greeted with some of the best hospitality one could dream of.  While everyone was getting temperature checks, hands sanitized, etc., you could see their smile through their eyes… even though their faces were covered in the now-mandatory mask. I have traveled to several destinations in recent months and I have to say that all of the staff I met over the 6 days in Jamaica were filled with joy, extremely hospitable, and very well polished at the protocols and their job. They were eager to give you options and, most importantly, they were so happy to make our stay as perfect as possible. The one thing I left with was; I am coming back and I am bringing a group.  I will travel with them to keep their fear of travel at bay, to assure them that travel to the beautiful island of Jamaica is safe and that the impression they left upon me as a Travel Professional is this: they have earned my trust to travel to Jamaica for my personal vacations and for my clientele as well.

Great job Jamaica on all your CONSISTENT health and safety protocols.

Michele P Duquaine Dream Vacations Slinger WI www.dreamvacations.com/mduquaine #dream2travels

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