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Yes we can TRAVEL We hit St John’s in the USVI and stayed at the Westin for a week. All taxi and tours were up and running . Masks are being worn by all workers and staff .

We chartered a boat and went around the whole island and got to visit Line Out, a floating Taco Stand and ate out every night in Cruz Bay…food and service were amazing !

Nothing can stop love! As a small business owner of a store front Travel Agency, we need to show the world that it is open, that we can travel and educate our clients of the process. Yes it’s different now, but if you want to travel you can do it safely and have fun. Both of my trips were work related, so I could experience the process and know what it’s like to travel now to serve my clients . We all need a vacation and we can travel, if we want to!

Saw all the safety protocols and practices in Jamaica and at Couples properties.  A group of 25 travel agents spent 4 days touring all Couples properties and their private Villas.  All properties were open and had guests enjoying as well. Always safe and we all came back safe and healthy . We even got to see a Vow Renewal ! 

St John!
St. John!
Who doesn’t need a vacation?
My storefront agency!

We saw first hand the process entering Jamaica along with all 4 properties safety and Covid protocols. The resorts were open and had guests enjoying themselves. It was always safe and we all came back safe and healthy . We even got to see a Vow Renewal ! 

Great people!
Jamaica Mon!
Vow Renewal!
Every resort has been great with Covid protocols

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